Invisalign® braces are perfect for those who wish to achieve the results braces provide in a discreet way. Unlike traditional wire braces, Invisalign treatment grants the added benefit of removable trays. This also allows you more freedom with your diet. The unfortunate downside to being able to remove alignment trays is that patients tend to forget or neglect to reinsert them, resulting in a longer treatment process.

The Process

Invisalign alignment trays do require some commitment. Trays are recommended to be worn for a minimum of 20 hours. Tray sizes are changed every two weeks, becoming smaller in size each time to properly push teeth into their ideal places. Some teeth might require dramatic movement to achieve a patient’s desired look. For cases with dramatic teeth movement, trays may be recommended for exchange after a period of three weeks versus the traditional two weeks.

Cleaning and Care

Alignment trays need periodic cleaning. After each meal, it is recommended you rinse, then floss and brush your teeth. This will help prevent any food from remaining in between trays and your teeth. It would be wise to remove trays before drinking any dark liquids, such as coffee or tea, due to the fact that they will stain trays. A quick brushing and washing should remove stains if dark liquids are accidentally consumed while trays are still in use. Trays should be momentarily soaked in a half-and-half solution of mouth wash (such as Listerine) and water followed by brushing with a light amount of toothpaste.


The cost of Invisalign treatment is actually quite comparable to the cost of wire braces. However, it all depends on the severity of the malocclusion. For simple cases, the Invisalign treatment cost can run as low as $3,500. The average Invisalign treatment cost is about $5,000.

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